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(At Kai Bae Beach on Ko Chang in Thailand)
Picture from Kai Bae Beach on Ko Chang in Thailand
How everything began ...

My first journey to Southeast Asia led me in 1987 and 1988 for 10 months to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Singapore and Australia.
In 1990 I came back to Thailand, this time I spent 18 months exclusively on Ko Chang. At that time the "love” to this wonderful spot was born.
After some more stays in Vietnam and Thailand, I returned, after approximately 8 years of absence, to Ko Chang again in October 2001. Since at that time only few useful information about Ko Chang were to be found in the Internet, the idea to introduce this unique island-world with pictures and various kinds of useful information was born.
So I decided in the middle of December 2001 to realize the project www.Ko-Chang.info.

The planned "small" online travel guide turned into a full time job which cost already a few thousand hours.
In the meantime www.Ko-Chang.info was divided into several domains and beside the diverse information and pictures, the first hotels and bungalow resorts were added at the beginning of 2005.
In 2004 I began to learn about Virtual Reality Panoramas (VR), rotating 360° pictures, to present this island paradise better in the Internet.

I also found two absolute reliable partners: The Angkor Wat and Cambodia Tours are done perfectly since many years by Ralf Hofmann (Khun Joe), a German who runs a well-known travel agency in Pattaya.
Since 2010 I also offer private transfers to Ko Chang which are perfectly organized by my partner: "Mr Moon". Besides organizing the transportations he runs a small travel agency on the island. I am really glad to work with him as he is as reliable as my German partner and friend Joe.

Within the next years the Ko Chang pages will be continuously developed and further hotels and bungalow resorts will be added to give you a better choice of accommodation ...
Click to enlarge this picture of Peter Heim
Peter Heim

Click to enlarge this picture of Ralf Hofmann
Ralf Hofmann with staff
to all who helped me creating this site.

A special thank to Michael Pirner and Volker Kopetzky, whose technical know-how still saves me a lot of time and work. Likewise I warmly thank Michi from the Tegernsee, who took me patiently in his longtail boat to view some of the more remote spots. Also thanks to Klaus Rautenbach, who is translating all the difficult stuff for me. And finally I would like to thank my sister Conny, Porn, Pierre Reignier, Rory Cook, Gaby Möhr, Binja Homann, Andrea Seidel, Sara Wood and all the others who helped me with their advices ...

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Peter Heim
Porn's Bungalows
Kai Bae Beach
Koh Chang
Trat 23170

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