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More Hotels / Bungalow-Resorts / Accommodations
on Ko Chang in Thailand
(Two bungalows of different style on Ko Chang in Thailand)
Picture from a Hotel / Bungalow resort / Guesthouse on Ko Chang in Thailand
At almost all beaches and in many villages on Ko Chang you will find accommodations. The prices range between 200 Baht and several thousand Baht per night. The cheap huts and rooms - mainly popular with long-term holidaymakers - have shared toilets and showers, mosquito-nets and mostly ventilators.
Accommodations priced between 500 and 1500 Baht have bathrooms, most of them with hot water. Many have already air conditioning instead of a ventilator. In this price range mostly the windows and doors of the rooms and bungalows are protected with mosquito-screens so mosquito-nets are not neccessary.
The expensive and luxurious equipped rooms, bungalows or suites over 1500 Baht all have their own bathroom, air conditioning, hot water and usually a refrigerator and a TV.

On our summary page you'll find all our selected hotels, bungalow-resorts and accommodations on Ko Chang, Ko Mak, Ko Rayang, Ko Kood and Trat with a brief description. All these accommodations can be booked via our pages easy, quickly and secure at
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In addition we also present more hotels, bungalow-resorts and accommodations that can’t be booked – also with with photographs and information, partly with Virtual Reality Panoramas and panorama picture. This will give you the possibility to see what kind of accommodations you'll find on this wonderful island.
Here some pictures of hotels, bungalow-resorts and holiday-homes on Ko Chang: To increase the pictures click on them (popup window: 600 x of 300 pixel). To navigate directly to the corresponding hotel-pages: Click on the buttons.
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